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7 Best Classic Sneakers for Men: Versatile Styles in 2024

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There are many different types of kicks, but the classic ones always stand out.

They have timeless designs that pair well with other clothing articles like shirts, jeans, and even dress pants. They provide unparalleled comfort, which is why a lot of guys prefer to wear them more than other dressier shoes.

Even though thousands are available in stores both online and offline, only a handful are worth a try.

I scoured the corners of the internet to find the best classic sneakers for men. I chose options that can cater to different tastes without compromising on style or features.

Keep reading to know more.

Key Takeaways

To identify the best classic sneakers for men, I analyzed multiple Amazon listings from varying brands and picked my top seven based on size, color, and material. My best overall are the Adidas Men’s Superstar Shoes for their sleek, timeless style, durability, and comfortable padding. They are followed by the Nautica Men’s Casual Shoes, which are affordable kicks that have cushioned insoles for optimal foot comfort.

man stretching wearing a pair of white nautica sneakers
nautica / Instagram

Adidas Men’s Superstar Shoes: best classic sneakers for men

Why they’re great: One of the many sneaker brands that sell top-quality kicks is Adidas. Their Men’s Superstar Shoes have a classy white base color with vibrant accents that are visually pleasant. They pair well with jeans, shorts, and chinos and have been an all-time favorite by sneaker fans and casual consumers alike.

Their padded insoles provide all-day comfort, and they have sufficient arch support to prevent foot problems. The rubber shell toe box is durable enough to resist impact while maintaining flexibility, providing mobility when playing sports. The leather fabric is soft to the touch but makes the kicks sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

Who are these for? These are truly the classic sneakers for men, great for guys who want classy sneakers that go well with almost any clothes.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They lack water resistance, so don’t wear them during rainy days.

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 3–19 | Colors Available: 77

Nautica Men’s Casual Shoe

Why they’re great: If you want budget-friendly sneakers without compromising quality, then try the Nautica Men’s Casual Shoes. They come in more than 30 cool designs, and each pair comes with a cushioned insole that provides a soft and supportive bed for your foot. It can also distribute pressure, alleviating you from possible pains, and the moisture-wicking properties keep you dry while also controlling odor.

The classic lace-up structure allows you to customize the fit to your measurements, and the durable rubber outsole prevents you from slipping. It also has long-lasting traction wear resistance. These lightweight classic sneakers are built to take on any physical activity, from playing basketball to hiking in the wilderness.

Who are these for? They are suitable for men who want functional shoes without breaking the bank.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The toe box tends to crease a bit, so they’ll wear a touch faster.

Material: 100% Faux Leather | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7.5–16 Wide | Colors Available: 38

Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt Modern Perforated Sneaker

Why they’re great: The Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt gives the classics a modern upgrade. Made from either suede, nubuck, or premium leather, these classic sneakers sport effortless versatility combined with luxurious comfort. Each pair comes with soft footbeds with textile covers, which makes each step breathable and cozy.

They are lightweight enough to feel heavenly when worn, and the perforated holes circulate air to keep your feet cool and dry. They also boast a relaxed, wide fit, which gives you proper wiggle room for your toes. The lace-up structure prevents them from falling off your feet when you do more physically demanding activities.

Who are these for? Anyone who wants sleek, luxurious sneakers will enjoy these.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They are extremely expensive, even for kicks.

Material: 100% Leather/Suede/Nubuck | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–13 Wide | Colors Available: 8

New Balance Men’s 574 Core Sneaker

Why they’re great: The New Balance Men’s 574 Core Sneakers combine optimal comfort with understated elegance. Their suede and mesh fabric makes them breathable and durable while retaining the brand’s unassuming style. Made from 3% bio-based materials, the ENCAP cushioned midsoles, lightweight foams, and durable polyurethane rims to keep your feet supported and comfortable while reducing carbon footprint along the way.

The vamp, collar, and tongue mesh are made from recycled polyester, so you can look great and feel good that you’re helping the planet. These classic sneakers come in 11 varying colors that can complement any casual outfit. The black variation with the white rubber outsole, in particular, gives that sporty vibe perfect for your athleisure wear.

Who are these for? Perfect for anyone who prioritizes comfort more than style.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The toe box may feel too tight if you have wide feet.

Material: 100% Suede, Mesh | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 4–18 X Wide | Colors Available: 11

Reebok Men’s Club MEMT Sneaker: best classic sneakers for men

Why they’re great: Built for daily wear, the Reebok Men’s Club MEMT Sneakers come with a clean and low-key look fused with unmatched durability. Their rubber outsoles can absorb impact, while the soft and supportive upper and underfoot cushioning ensures that your feet are kept snug and well-protected.

The premium construction of these classic sneakers for men ensures that these kicks will last a lifetime. Their minimalist design and versatile color options allow you to effortlessly transition from work to weekend getaways. The classic brand logo on the side and back keeps the retro appeal alive, all while showcasing a modern fit.

Who are these for? Sneakerheads who want only one pair of shoes to wear every day should try the Reebok MEMT.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some people find the soles too thin. It all comes down to personal preference.

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: 100% Polyester  | Sizes Available: 3.5–15 Wide | Colors Available: 33

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Roaklyn Sneaker

Why they’re great: The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Roaklyn Sneaker gives fashion kicks a more minimalist yet cozy appearance. Their solid color options can pass off as proper work shoes, so you can still feel comfortable when commuting or walking to the office. They come as comfortable pairs of slip-ons with the brand’s logo on the back of the outsoles.

These classic sneakers are unapologetically straightforward with their standard cushioned insole and polyurethane upper. They also offer stylish patterns that make them great partners for jeans, hoodies, and khakis. They have a relaxed and roomy fit that most sneakers of this type don’t have.

Who are these for? An excellent choice for anyone who prefers slip-ons more than laced sneakers.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They tend to fall off if you end up with a size larger than your measurements.

Material: 100% Polyurethane | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–13 | Colors Available: 6

Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Sneakers

Why they’re great: Made from genuine PU leather, the Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Sneakers are also soft enough to resist wrinkling no matter how many times you bend them. They come in elegant colors that you can wear to the dressiest events. They sport the illusion of polished Oxfords, and no one will notice you are wearing sneakers to corporate meetings.

They weigh around 300g, so they are definitely lighter than normal dress shoes. Their honeycomb foam insoles also give you enough arch support to help alleviate foot pains and problems, while their high rebound attributes allow you to walk easily. The flexible EVA outsole absorbs impact, ultimately reducing foot fatigue.

Who are these for? These classic sneakers will suit men who want to wear sneakers to formal occasions.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They are not as flexible as regular kicks.

Material: 100% Polyurethane Leather | Sole Material: 100% Phylon (MD) | Sizes Available: 6.5–13 Wide | Colors Available: 6

man wearing a blue suit and white sneakers by bruno marc
brunomarcshoes / Instagram

Buying Considerations For the Best Classic Sneakers for Men


Sneakers are worn for comfort more than style; and although the latter matters, a proper fit should take priority. Always order the size according to your measurements. They should feel snug and not too tight or loose. If you have wide feet, then you can purchase options a size larger than your usual to have more breathing room. Narrow kicks will suffocate your feet and may incur unnecessary pain.


Shoes should complement your other clothing staples, and picking the right color will help you in that regard. Black or white are versatile shades that go well with almost any type of clothing. If you want to showcase your personality, you can buy more vibrant hues and see how they fare well with your shirts or pants. Brown classic sneakers have that upscaled elegance that goes well with more formal attire.


Not all sneakers are built the same. Some come in lightweight fabric like canvas; others opt for sturdier and more premium materials like leather. Your preferences and style will determine the right pair for you. Rubber footwear are also durable options and have cheaper price points.

man wearing an oversized jacket and wide leg jeans
reebok / Instagram

How We Chose

Most footwear brands will assert that they sell the best kicks around, often boasting that they are made with top-quality materials and have outstanding durability. Unfortunately, they rarely have enough evidence to back up their claims. To ensure readers will only get accurate information, I chose the best classic sneakers for men based on the following factors:

Style: How great will these shoes look when worn with jeans? Can they pair well with my dressier staples? I selected sneakers that can match certain outfits and attire.

Customer Reviews: What do people have to say about these kicks? Customer reviews are great indicators of high-quality products, and user-based experiences often hold a lot of credibility.

Price: Investing in shoes is usually pricey, but they don’t have to reduce you to your last cent. I made sure that there was a harmonious balance between quality and price when making these suggestions.

Why Trust Us?

Joe Niehaus is an experienced product reviewer and lifestyle blogger with extensive knowledge and experience in men’s clothing. He has written notable pieces for various websites like Travel + Leisure and The Adult Man, which gives him a strong background in figuring out the kind of classic sneakers that men truly need.

To accurately pick the best classic sneakers for men, he carefully studied the features of each pair and judges their materials and design. He also considered the opinions of customers, which allowed him to accurately assess a product’s worth based on real-life testimonials. His readers then get tailored recommendations that will assist them in making informed decisions, so they can invest in footwear that will solve their needs.

Final Verdict 

The best classic sneakers for men should have a comfortable yet versatile design that can match any clothing, from shorts to jeans, shirts to hoodies. The Adidas Men’s Superstar Shoes still have that classy and stylish flair that comes with the brand’s Original collection. Their snug fit, sleek color options, and more than 13,000 positive Amazon reviews prove these kicks deserve the best overall spot.


    • The most timeless and iconic sneaker of all time is the Nike Air Force 1. They come in five different variations and they are praised for their lightweight and comfortable features.

      • Some retro sneakers that are trending right now are the Adidas Samba OG shoes, the New Balance 990v4 Core, and the Vans Old Skool shoes. They still have the versatile elegance that came with the first-generation kicks.


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