April 24, 2024

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NP Digital India and Sanskriti Celebrate Cultural Fusion with ‘Esho Hey Ram’ campaign

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NP Digital India, a performance-driven creative digital marketing agency, and Sanskriti, a cultural ecosystem, announce the culmination of their collaborative campaign titled Esho Hey Ram.

Launched on the occasion of the Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony, this campaign aimed to present the original song, ‘Esho Hey Ram’ by Saptadeep Nath and Ujjaini Mukherjee, to audiences across India, with a focus on resonating with Bengali-speaking communities in West Bengal.

To amplify the campaign’s reach, Sanskriti partnered with NP Digital India. Using AI visual art technology, the NPDI team produced an engaging song launch video without requiring extensive video shoots. Through the integration of AI-aided video production, the campaign incorporated animations, ensuring broad appeal across diverse social media platforms.

Furthermore, the decision to not showcase real-time faces during the song launch was deliberate. Instead, an AI-aided video was developed, which allowed for the creation of visuals without the need for live-action filming. This approach not only saved time and resources but also enhanced the campaign’s reach by making it relatable to diverse audiences.

Prady, CEO of NP Digital India, said, “We are thrilled to have partnered with Sanskriti for this culturally significant campaign. Our team at NP Digital India worked smartly to deliver a compelling song launch video and related collaterals, utilizing cutting-edge AI visual art. The success of ‘Esho Hey Ram’ underscores the power of innovation and collaboration in reaching and engaging audiences effectively.”

The campaign exceeded expectations, with ‘Esho Hey Ram’ receiving viewership across social media platforms:

  • Over 4 Million Views on Facebook
  • Over 2.5 Million Views on Instagram
  • Over 169,000 Views on YouTube

Keerthivasan Subramaniam, Founder of Sanskriti, said, “Sanskriti is committed to promoting global culture and artistry, and our partnership with NP Digital India exemplifies our dedication to delivering meaningful content to our audiences. ‘Esho Hey Ram’ has resonated deeply with viewers, reaffirming our mission to be a leading cultural platform”.

The campaign’s success shows that new ideas in digital marketing and content creation work well, when using AI technology. The success of ‘Esho Hey Ram’ demonstrates Sanskriti’s ability to captivate audiences with innovative, AI-infused content, reinforcing its position as a cultural platform.

The song is available for viewing on platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Wynk Music, Facebook, and Instagram. To listen to the song, please visit:


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