April 22, 2024

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Cultural fusion and career success at XJTLU

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Adrian Pietkiewicz, from Poland, studied BA International Business with a Language at XJTLU. Now, he is a Sales Engineer at Kingfa Science & Technology, China’s largest plastic manufacturing company. He shares with us his learning experience and how he landed a job after graduation.

Adrian Pietkiewicz

Q: Why did you choose to study at XJTLU?

A: XJTLU offered the perfect programme that catered to my needs – international business with Chinese language classes. I wanted to learn about the Chinese language, business culture, and the general knowledge of conducting business across Asian countries. Additionally, having professors from various countries allowed me to learn about different cultures and their ways of doing business.

Moreover, having classmates from all over the world further enriched my learning experience of different cultures. Some of my best friends at XJTLU were from the USA, Africa, Russia, South Korea, China, and many European countries. Thanks to them, my time at XJTLU was the best experience I could have wished for.

Q: How did you land a job at Kingfa after graduating?

After finishing my final exams and final year project, I received an email from the University about possible job opportunities for fresh international graduates, which included a job opening at Kingfa. The company was expanding in Europe and needed local European people who understood Chinese culture and language. I sent my CV, underwent three interviews, and within two weeks of the initial interview, I was offered a job as a Sales Engineer.

Q: What are your responsibilities at Kingfa?

A: At Kingfa, my responsibilities include finding customers in Europe and selling their products. The company has served more than 1000 companies from over 130 countries, and with their expansion in Europe, I play a significant role in local business development and sales.

Q: How has your experience been at Kingfa so far?

A: My experience at Kingfa has been very positive. Currently, I’m undergoing a training programme at the headquarters in Guangzhou. Colleagues and management have been helpful with my onboarding, and I’m excited about my future with the company.

Q: What advice do you have for students studying in China?

A: My advice to students studying in China is to be open-minded. Try to make Chinese friends, attend events, travel, and keep improving your Chinese language skills. If possible, visit local companies to witness Chinese business culture, which is vibrant and different from the West. Coming out of your comfort zone is necessary if you want to succeed in a Chinese company. It’s not just about being an employee, it’s also about becoming a member of the community.


By Jing Zhang
Edited by Precious Chibeze and Xinmin Han
Photos by Adrian Pietkiewicz


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