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18 Best Beard Trimmers of 2024, Tested by Men’s Health

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18 Best Beard Trimmers of 2024, Tested by Men’s Health

<p><strong><em>Read more: <a href=” target=”_blank”>How to Fade Your Beard in 5 Simple Steps</a></em></strong></p><h2 class=”body-h2″>What to Look for in a Beard Trimmer</h2><p class=”body-text”>According to Craig Meggs, barber at <a href=” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Ruffians</a>, the most important things to look for in a new trimmer are manoeuvrability, adjustability and, of course, price. ‘Beard trimmers vary in size and durability,’ he explains. ‘It’s best to go for smaller, lighter-weight beard trimmers that come with a cordless rechargeable option, which will help both speed and accuracy.’  </p><h3 class=”body-h3″> Adjustable Length Settings </h3><p>Meggs also recommends looking out for an adjustable blade head to get the perfect blend across your beard. It may cost a bit more, but a trimmer with a wide range of length settings will help you to customise your beard style and achieve your desired length.</p><p>Most trimmers come with attachable combs that can range in size from 0.2mm to 30mm; others have adjustable combs built in that you can switch up with a <a href=” target=”_blank”>wheel</a> or a touchscreen. </p><h3 class=”body-h3″><strong> Blade Quality </strong></h3><p>The quality of the blades is crucial for a precise and comfortable trimming experience. Stainless steel <a href=” target=”_blank”>blades</a> are often preferred as they are offer the best durability and sharpness. </p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Battery Life </h3><p>If you like to spend your time perfecting your beard in the morning, you’ll want a long battery life to keep up with your intricate routine. And if you’re sporting a great big bushy beard, we can’t stress enough the importance of a large battery capacity. The devices on our list will last anywhere between 50 minutes and three hours, which should keep you going over multiple <a href=” target=”_blank”>shaves</a>. We typically took around 25 minutes to sculpt. </p><h3 class=”body-h3″><strong>Recharge Time</strong></h3><p>Battery life is one thing, but you also need to look out for how long it takes to get back to 100% charge. The trimmers on this list can take anywhere between one minute for a quick charge (in case of a hairy emergency) and one hour to regain their juice.</p><p>On top of this, some razors below can be used with the cord still plugged in if you don’t want to worry about charging it back up, while others have the option to use without the cord if you want more freedom to move around.</p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Ergonomic Design </h3><p class=”body-text”>A well-designed trimmer will offer a comfortable grip and easy manoeuvrability. An ergonomic design ensures precise control, making it easier to shape and trim your beard with accuracy.</p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Maintenance and Cleaning </h3><p class=”body-text”>Look for a trimmer that’s easy to clean and maintain. Some models come with detachable heads that can be rinsed under water for quick and effortless cleaning.</p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Corded or Cordless </h3><p class=”body-text”>Decide whether you prefer a corded or cordless trimmer. Cordless trimmers offer more freedom of movement but require regular charging. Corded trimmers provide consistent power but limit mobility.</p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Additional Features</h3><p><strong></strong>Some trimmers will come with additional extras to make your shaving experience easier. Whether it’s precision blades, travel and storage cases, or even <a href=” target=”_blank”>beard oil</a>, check out what else is on offer when you buy to get the most out of your bundle.<br></p><h2 class=”body-h2″><strong>How We Test</strong></h2><p><strong></strong>At <em>Men’s Health</em>, we take the art of grooming seriously. That’s why every product adorned with our <a href=” target=”_blank”><em>Men’s Health</em> Lab logo </a>undergoes an intensive evaluation by our panel of 200 men, who boast a diverse array of beard lengths and <a href=” target=”_blank”>styles</a>, over a two to three-week period.</p><p>Equipped with diplomas in cosmetic science and armed with an unwavering commitment to excellence, our expert evaluators also scrutinise the trimmers. They assess factors such as battery longevity, ease of cleaning and storage, and overall performance. In our cutting-edge lab, we even employ a specialised noise meter to gauge the decibel levels emitted by each trimmer, ensuring a comprehensive analysis. </p><p><strong><a href=” target=”_blank”>Best Hair Clippers</a> | <a href=” target=”_blank”>Best Electric Shavers</a> | <a href=” target=”_blank”>Best Body Groomers</a> | <a href=” target=”_blank”>Best Nose Hair Trimmers</a> | <a href=” target=”_blank”>Best Moisturisers</a> | <a href=” target=”_blank”>Best Cleansers</a></strong></p>”/>

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