April 22, 2024

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10 Best fashion subscription services for men 2024: Moss Box to Heat

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Once the reserve of men who either didn’t have the time to think about clothes shopping or didn’t have a clue where to start, fashion subscription services and personal stylist-curated menswear boxes have come a long way since their start-up days.

Hitting the shops so you don’t have to, the basic premise tends to involve filling out a brief questionnaire online, speaking to your assigned stylist over the phone and sitting tight for a box of clothes to be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days. Keeping you well-stocked with staples month-on-month, they’ve proven especially popular with those looking to take the think work out of shopping, curating styles that are free to try until you want to buy.

Of course, cyber styling is nothing new – it’s been dancing on the periphery of mainstream shopping in the UK for a hot minute, while big-box retailers such as Nordstrom have popularised the services in the States. Along with personal style based-services such as Thread and Dappad, that’s also manifested in a spike in online personal shopping services direct from brands, as well as those more randomised subscription services for staples such as pants and socks. Regular readers of our fashion guides might consider themselves above the need of a helping hand, but there’s no shame in asking for a little extra input from the professionals.

Which is why we’ve got hands-on with a selection of the UK’s leading subscription services and virtual personal stylists to bring you our pick of the best to kickstart your post-pandemic wardrobe. Here are the eleven that stand out…

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CDLP Automatique

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Just as a dentist will tell you to change your toothbrush head every three months, we’re inclined to inform you that underwear could do with the same kind of rigorous rotation. Refined Scandi label CDLP is a boxers brand that knows this well and has fittingly offered up its date night-friendly selection on a three-month rotating subscription – including a 30 per cent saving and regular delivery to your doorstep via a climate-compensated service. All you have to do is outline your preferred style and colour of underwear (T-shirts and socks are also available) and start clearing out those novelty and worse-for-wear pairs you’ve been hanging onto. cdlp.com

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10 Best fashion subscription services for men 2024 Moss Box to Heat


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